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“I think the execution of the corral at our unit was very good, and considering the period with heavy rain, Panucci team worked well and delivered the structure within the agreed time. The company proved to be very competent and serious, performing the service as contracted, within the agreed deadlines and with good quality”
Joao Embrapa - Panucci
Embrapa Agrossilvipastoril
“Corrals Panucci is the preservation of the environment, it is animal welfare, it is economics in the handling of animals. I use and recommend Panucci corrals. ”
Mauricião - Panucci
Estância Bahia
“The anti-stress loading system is excellent because it doesn’t mistreat animals and also avoid bovine weight looses. Panucci, congratulations on the very good job!”
Dante Petroni - Panucci
Dante Petroni
Usina Barralcool
“The beef cattle raising has been going through huge changes. One of the most important has been the use of techniques that allow the welfare of animals. Rural facilities, especially management currals and loading pen, must be very well adapted to prevent animals from having any bruise or being injured. Regarding it, Panucci corrals provide solutions that respect the behavior of animals, reducing losses in the productivity in the farm.”
Rogério Fonseca - Panucci
Rogério Fonseca
Agropecuária Fazenda Brasil
I knew PANUCCI when the need arose to implement a rationally handling corral. I ended up quoting and gave preference to PANUCCI. I found the company’s flexibility in adapting the product to my needs very important, the corral was delivered within the agreed deadline, the material is of extreme quality, so what I could say is that the company is very positive.
Olimpio Brito
Agropecuaria Kangaiã
I set up a PANUCCI corral a year and a half ago, I have been working intensively with IATF, re-synchronizing several times, and at IATF you cannot stress the animals so that the rates are not compromised.
Marcos Jacinto
PANUCCI is a partner of the Novapec Concept Farm. It is where companies that are concerned with evolution and raising up the ruler of livestock, and to build together a corral that adjusts to rational handling and animal welfare. Regarding quality and price, concrete comes to replace wood with no doubt.
Arlindo Vilela
I bought a PANUCCI corral a few days ago, just opened, I still didn’t know this type of rational handling structure, I thought it was fantastic, I recommend it to anyone who works with all kinds of cattle. Cattle and employees work more calmly, it’s a new life. I realized that I made a great investment in the farm, I highly recommend that, and I’m already buying one more.
Elidio Lima
Pontes e Lacerda MT


SGS Unigeo - Panucci
Grupo Nissei - Panucci
Gula - Panucci
Espinhaço - Panucci
Sementes Jotabasso - Panucci
Astra - Panucci
Sementes Adriana - Panucci
IPC Soteco - Panucci
Raça Araguaia - Panucci
Castrillon - Panucci
Boi Bom - Panucci
Camargo Correa - Panucci
AFB - Panucci
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Agropecuária Roncador - Panucci
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Grupo Andre Maggi - Panucci
Ciplan - Panucci
O telar Agro - Panucci
Embrapa - Panucci


For 30 years, Panucci has been offering precast solutions which contribute to the modernization of Brazilian livestock.

The precast technology is a strong ally in handling and improving the structure of the entire property.


acores - Panucci
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Estancia Bahia - Panucci
Gerdau - Panucci
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